My Beloved Sir Has Passed Away

After almost forty years together my beloved Sir has passed. The night he died I called and asked the nurse to place the phone by his ear. I spoke softly to him, telling him I would be alright, that he need not stay for me. My final service to Sir was to give him permission to go, assuring him again that I would be alright. I ended the call. Fifteen minutes later my Sir passed away. The last voice he heard before he died was mine. Sir, I will love you always. Fly free until we reconnect.


  1. A beautiful story of love…he will be waiting for you with open arms! Love and Hugs to both of you, Susan

  2. Lee was a fine, gentleman and loved you dearly. I am sorry about his passing, but at least the physical pain he carried in his body is over at last. I know you have many wonderful memories, and you will always carry him in your heart.

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