At 73, Dorothy Freed claims to be the oldest practicing erotica writer in the SF Bay area. This may or may not be true, but it’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

Dorothy Freed is a pseudonym of a writer who lives with her husband, two senior rescue dogs, and a formerly feral grand-cat in a coast-side community near San Francisco. She combines the roles of being a humane human being, who stands up for animals and the natural world — with being a writer of sizzling hot erotica. Her stories are memoir based, inspired by her participation in the casual sex lifestyle, and later in the BDSM Scene.

Although Dorothy was led to believe that in her post-menopausal, estrogen deprived life, she would come to prefer cooking, hiking, or gardening to the allure of intimate encounters, this has fortunately proven to be untrue. She is still passionately interested in all things erotic: art, literature, films, and fantasies– not to mention hot personal interactions as opportunities arise. Her sexual life now spans over a half century, and against all odds and aside from age related restrictions imposed by her body, it continues to unfold.


  1. An auspices beginning to what should be a very interesting blog. It should be fun reading about the exploits of dorothy in swingerland.

  2. Like your site and particularly your blog. Let’s have more on the books you read–I’m sure you’ll turn me on to reads/books I don’t even know of. And more, too, about the writer’s life from your perspective!

  3. I am very much impressed with Dorothy’s outlook on life and her search for pleasure. Keep it up, Dorothy

  4. Dear Dorothy, I read your wonderful statements, and thank you for your very intelligent perspective on this problem. Your website greatly interests me, and I am very excited to have found it.

  5. i have been too busy to sit until lately…when i was once again able to peruse ms freed’s work again.
    She is as billed: getting’ better with age! Bon vivant:)

  6. After connecting on Twitter, I instantly liked you. Still do after coming here. Used to live in the city and East Bay before moving to Truckee. And used to be your age until my birthday last month. So from living loving and writing I guess we have a lot in common. Love, Somraj

  7. I have just finished the story, Perfect Strangers. It is a totally compelling read. A great cover to cover read, I really loved it and could not put it down. So much so, I am sat here waiting for Dorothy’s next story with a view to publishing it.

  8. I’ve heard it said the best writing comes from imagination and experience. The three short stories — “Golden Rule,” “I Really Do Belong to You,”, and “Plug Play” — have the ring of experience behind them. Each is different; all excite the imagination. Well done.

  9. I intended to read Perfect strangers just a little at a time. I couldn’t put it down. Dorothy’s writing is engaging and so much fun to read. I read the entire book in one sitting. Fabulous – loved it.

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