A Few Words About Waiting


Waiting to hear back from the powers that be appears to be a significant part of the writing process. Waiting for editors to respond to the to their submission calls, for instance, can involve lengthy periods of time — and as we all know, I am not a young woman and would prefer to celebrate my victories while I am still vertical.

For instance, I recently learned that an e erotic story I submitted as Dorothy Freed a year-and-a-half ago, still has no publication date belong sometime in 2015 — and this with the contract signed and accepted by the publisher more than six months ago. I also have three short shorts accepted by a well-know editor whom I’m thrilled to work with, still waiting in the wings for publishers acceptance, months after I made her requested edits. And I have been informed by the editor of still another anthology, that was accepted for publication in 2012 and slated to appear in print in 2013, that the entire anthology has been cancelled — sorry, but no reason. Back to square one on placing that piece of writing. Then again there was the editor I finally emailed months after submission, inquiring about the status of my piece, and being informed that she’d included it in her manuscript, but oops, had forgotten to inform me.

A year like this one makes me glad to be a “split personality writer,” who writes and seeks publication under more than one name. This year, the person bearing my legal name has enjoyed sever appearances in print: Two pieces about dogs, one about snails, another about friendship, and still another in a literary anthology concerning an individual’s right to die, which will appear in January 2015  — while last year, most of my publishing credits were accrued by Dorothy Freed — with just one, about women remembering the 60s and 70s, published under my legal name.

Now, as I enter the somewhat hair curling business of composing query letters and a fiction proposal for my finally completed first book length story, PERFECT STRANGERS: One Woman’s Journey Through The Swinging Seventies, I know when I finish my task I face waiting time again.

By now though, as a relatively new writer who has somehow racked up more than two dozen published pieces, and as an individual who is impatient by nature, I’m learning to roll with it. My job, I’ve decided is to send out those submissions and accept the waiting as part of the process — and just keep those stories coming while I wait. 


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